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West Coast Scenario Productions is proud to announce the first 24-hour scenario event of the 2012 season, “Border War”, which will pit the US Border Patrol against the Mexican Cartel! This will be a two-day scenario paintball event, hosted at the beautiful fields of Giant Paintball Lakeside in San Diego, CA January 7-8, 2012. All players that registered early will be welcomed to join us on Friday January 6 for our Friday Night Players Party! Giant Lakeside will have available tent and RV camping for the whole family. All players will be entered into our Sunday raffle for opportunities to win some of the best gear from event sponsors such as Tippmann Sports, Tiberius Arms, AirSplat, Voodoo Tactical, and more!

“Border Wars” is a role-playing game that will feature roles such as snipers, medics, engineers, demo experts, and more! The winning team is determined by points that are accumulated by accomplishing missions. For more information and to register early, please visit Welcome to West Coast Scenario Productions. For more information on Giant Paintball Lakeside, please visit Giant Paintball Parks.

"Story: With the completion of the US/Mexican border fence and loosing drug restrictions in the US, the import of drugs from the Southern border saw a drastic decline. Seeking a new revenue source, the Salazar Cartel began using a vast underground tunnel system to smuggle in some of America's most feared enemies, from dangerous psychopaths to fanatical terrorists. Led by the family's head, Fidel Salazar, the group bolstered its numbers with new recruits and armed them with an array of black market weapons, effectively becoming a standing army ready to die in defense of their trade.

It did not take long for the US Government to learn of this growing threat. Unable to march troops across the Mexican border, the President strengthen the Border Patrol with more manpower, weapons, and technology but he knew that it wasn’t enough. He would have to bring in outside help to wage a shadow war

They gave the job to former DEA Agent Dane Jackson. Jackson spent over 30 years building up an important network of contacts that helped him bust drug runners along the Southern Border. Relying on a small handful of troops and his knowledge of the land, Jackson raided several “shipping” routes and seized any weapons and funds he could. They became known as “Jackson's Raiders” and word quickly spread to the Salazar's of this opposition. A substantial bounty was placed on any member of Jackson's “Raiders” but they had grown too large to ignore. Using contacts within the Border Patrol and DEA, Jackson began recruiting for an all out offensive against the Cartel. Facing potential backlash from clients and its growing need for funding, the Salazar Cartel officially declared war on this newfound enemy, gaining support from terrorist groups in every part of the world.

The hand has been dealt and soon it will mean bloodshed along the Southern Border. Will the Cartel continue to smuggle in drugs, weapons, and the worst of America’s enemies? Or will the Border Patrol and Jackson’s Raiders put an end to the Cartels? Only you can determine the outcome!"

West Coast Scenario Productions, LLC: WCSP, LLC is a Veteran owned and operated production company specializing in paintball and airsoft event productions. The staff of WCSP has extensive experience in producing and directing affordable, but quality produced scenario events for the players by the players. WCSP has traveled the country the last five years playing some of the best games in the nation in their never-ending quest to bring the players of Southern California the best possible scenario events.

Giant Paintball Parks: Home of the largest and longest-running chain of paintball parks in Southern California. With two premiere locations spanning San Diego County (Giant Alpine and Giant Lakeside), the Giant Paintball family of paintball parks has been servicing the needs of west coast paintballers for over 25 years. Each of our award-winning facilities features professionally trained managers and staffed who are ready to GUARANTEE that your paintball experience will be unlike any other activity you’ve had before.

All Giant Paintball locations feature fully stocked pro shops, test shooting ranges, certified airsmiths, fully stocked line of rental equipment, friendly and helpful administrative staff, plus clean amenities to help enhance your day of paintball play. We specialize in birthday parties, private groups, corporate outings and many other types of special events. Our goal is to make paintball and airsoft not only fun, but affordable and you’ll find pricing options that will fit into any budget.

Producers of Scenario Paintball Events
Veteran Owned and Operated
Welcome to West Coast Scenario Productions
[email protected]
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