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June 19th tournament at skirmish

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Are any of you guys/girls going to that tournament?

Its the Young Gunz tournament with 2 divisions

My team "Shattered Reality" is gonna be there.

Good luck to all teams participating.
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im going im usin cobalt to clear dm4 team name balistic
me... rocking the imagine with heavy mods props to fiks
are u guys in the al young guns or 4 young and 1 35 and up
we're in the all 5 man 19 and younger. and the other division is 20 and up, not 35 i dont think.
im alliance..1st place baby!
i no this is out ofthe blue but my harness got backordered so i need a harness... and pods lol noone can lend me one for that tourny right?
what hotel is everyone staying at??? ill be at the comfort in in white haven...its the closest hotel to skirmish and its like 25 minutes away from skirmish...they need to build a hotel closer!
my team is also staying at the closest comfort inn. around 8-9 o clock at night we're having a meeting in the lounge. maybe we can meet up and we'll talk and stuff.
maybe...we should be getting at hotel at around 6 then we will go to skirmish and walk the fields and what not...
damn we went to call to sign up and were first on the waiting list lol
when did u call today???
yesterday tthey said people always drop out... and she said that she will call tomorrow to check up but u no wats reallyl really gay we paid for freaking fee and we dont get it back if we dont get it in.... and she didnt etll us that it was full before we payed
yeah i jsut found out my team is # 2 on the waiting list lol...even if we dont make it into the tourny we are going to penn. and aprtying in the it wont be a waste of a weekend!!!
fish face u jus got in GOD they called us and no one was home!!!! GOD DAMN!!!
We just got back and took 3rd. Hustler Kids rep.
well wwe would of gotten rolled anyway
yo DAS19 we played you guys in the finals you got 2 of our guys off the break then another one about 10 seconds later then me (with my cuzins speed) and my teammate(with a 03 cocker ebladed) took 3 of u guys out before we got out. Our team name was balisitic. We placed 5th overall
Were you in the evil headband tinted lesnes in your invision or was that a teammate thats the only one I recall still being in I dont remember what you looked like.
yea that was me, i had a dust blue speed
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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