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For 20 bucks, I now have a functional Halo LED. Problem is it's pretty old and my friend gave me the wrong instruction manual for it.
Problems with it being old:
-It has 3 different shell cracks, one on the top and not severe (taped up at its worst part), one on the feedneck (again, not so severe, I can't bend the feedneck with my hands easily), and another which broke the screw socket closest to the motor.
-He also forgot a screw - the problem above made choosing the hole that would be empty easy.
Now, this screw socket isn't awfully broken - it's one piece off and while it contains most, if not all of the thread, I can definitely just superglue it at a later date back to health.
-Lastly, I just took it apart and put it back together. I have no idea how to operate it, though -it turns on, the motor spins left, then right, and then the light blinks red momentarily. Slapping the hopper to sound-activate it produces a red light after the second try.
I have no idea what this means. Are the batteries dying? I know they are, but is that what it means, or do I have a worse problem on my hands?
And lastly, a quick Altavista search brought up no .pdf manuals for this hopper. Anybody know a site that might have one?
EDIT: Lastly, is this better or worse than the Evlution 3? it seems like it's higher tech than the 3 and it's definitely a little quieter, but Youtube seems to show it a bit inconsistent on feeding. I can always give my cousin this hopper...
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