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alright, so here's an update. wevo just informed me that there are no silver phantoms in stock. this is disappointing because ive been just itching to get my hands on a new gun. are my options:

option 1: order a black one and see if its in stock.

option 2: buy a used phantom ($265 shipped)
-green/black acid wash
-14" Barrel
-Clear Pump
-Clear Feedblock
-15 Round Feed
-RF body Included

option 3: a KAPP "water" sniper ($265 shipped)
-Pre-99 Spec Body
-Brand New CCM Pump Kit
-Tuned for Unregged CO2
-OTP G-1 Venturi Bolt
-LAPCO 12" Stainless Big Shot Barrel
-set up for verticle air, either 12 gram changer or 3.5 oz
both are in good condition

im not sure if the guy still has the later 2 markers. ill have to ask, i just wanted some input. thanks guys.

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You can try whitewolfairsmithing if you want. It is where i purchased my phantom. Otherwise i would go for option 1 because i dont like to buy used.
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