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Time to thin the herd, here's the first offerings.

Kapp Flame.SOLD

03 Black Magic WWA pump kit, CP drop, Freak Barrel. It's a great shooter as well and while I may not like WWA their pump kit is very nice.

Looking for $300 shipped (OBO the only way I'm interested in a trade is if I can turn around and sell your trade and unless it's an amazing piece of work expect to add $$).

I WILL NOT PART! If you don't want the matching pneumatics on the Kapp the gun is still $450 and I'll throw them in for free. I'm not in a rush, I don't need the money so please don't think you can squeeze me on the price. Trust me, these prices are below what I bought these markers for. They have been used but are no abused. Only normal play wear on them.
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