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i REALLY want to trade/buy a karni!!! i really like the yellow/black, titanium/blue and red/black.
a psp
2 games (Socom: Fire Team Bravo and World Tour Soccer)
one UMD movie (Triple X w/ Vin Diesel)
one psp headset for some crazy online socom
one soft black case
one black hard case
6 umd cases
start up sample umd
screen cleaner cloth
regular charger
car charger
computer hookup for putting videos and photos on your psp
32 mb san disk
256 mb san disk (HUGE AMOUNTS OF SPACE)
psp headphones
original box.
It has some scratches on the screen but nothing too huge. They are expected from casual play and even if it was brand new, those scratches would appear after about a week or playing.

and, theres more

WGP Trilogy Pro Autococker
Long Dye Drop
With matching blue macro line (it doesnt cost anything but it looks awesome)
And I'll also throw in an all american girl barrel condom or a neon green empire barrel sock (one or the other, i need to keep one!)

and i'll also throw in some amount of money depending on if you think that isn't enough.
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