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Hello everyone, i'm new to the boards, but ive been in the hobby for about a year. And I was getting ready to list this marker on ebay. And I figured I would stop by here before I did that.

What ive got is a Kingman Spyder Pilot ACS for sale. With the gun i'm selling 3 - 9 oz tanks, 1 - 12 oz tank, 200 Rd hopper, 1 - mask, and a assortment of maintenance accesories.

The gun was bought in june, I believe on the 12th. I'm not sure how long these are under warranty through kingman, but this one should still be under warranty.

I paid $196 for the gun and initial package which included the 12 oz tank, the mask, and many other accesories. And I bought the 3 - 9oz tanks from our local wal mart here.

Ive still got all the original packaging and paperwork that the marker came with as well. And there have been exactly 1000 paintballs total fired out of the gun. I bought a box of 1000 and that is all that I have shot so far.

I can take pictures if anyone would like to see them, and if you would like, we can complete the sell through ebay.

Total, ive got about $250 in the gun. But i'm only looking for right around $150 for everything listed. And I could possibly even drop that a little. Shipping would probably be right around $20.

If youre interested, let me know. I'll probably list this on ebay if no one is interested in buying them.
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