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WEll I didnt know where to put this but I traded a 2k1 occker for an impulse. The impulse came from krazyimpulsekid., He showed me a pic with everything on it. Heres the pic:

He said it came with everything in the pic excpet the drop. Let me tell you what I got.
An impulse, without vision, no vision parts whatsoever. No max-flo, the feedneck waas scratched to hell, It dint have the tapeworm, and didnt come with the front handle. No buttons, and the board might not even work.
I was planning on selling this, and pay for my cocker, but since its a huge pile, I can't even pay for the cocker, therefore I can't paintball. So I got screwed. What do I do? this kid dosent have any feedback either.
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