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Hey all -

2 hypermags (4 valves total) for a GZ Timmy OR ENOUGH TO GET A NICE UPPED USED ONE (700$):


2 x-valves w/ ULT (one is black, the other is purple - never used but adjusted by AGD - comes with printout to prove it)

1 RT valve drilled for ULT

1 classic valve - just found in all my mag stuff...

2 ULT kits (might actually have 3)

3 lvl 10 kits

lvl 7 bolts and parts

orings, orings, orings......and more orings.......

2 hyperframes (one regular, the other with 25~ trigger and 20bps board)

1 black ULE frame (with 1 ball detent), 1 silver chord body (with 2 ball detents).

2 system X drops w/on/off - one red, one silver

2 dye gas thru forgrips

HUGE amount of extra parts (i.e. lvl 10 parts, ult parts, foamies, etc etc etc -TOO MANY TO LIST)

I am keeping my 2 barrels, my egg and my tanks - so all I really want is just a GZ timmy with maybe drop - no barrels, tanks, hoppers......

I do not have photos yet, but will have them soon - as I said - I am just interested in a GZ Timmy with drop or rail and on/off - NO CLASSICS _ HATE EM!!!!!!

I am also not selling - since I will never get back what I paid for all this, so I am just interested in a trade........

Yahoo email: [email protected]

yahoo messenger: darkkramer2004

pics here:
I am in north Cali BTW.......

the 2 hypermags are with ULT and LVL 10 TUNED (did ALOT of tourneys with these babies) - and ther new xvalve is with LVL 10 tuned as well - classic valve comes with LVL 7 bolt........
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