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Lapco grey ghost for sale * PRICE DROP*

I have a grey ghost for sale, I have pictures in my gallery at

go to member galleries and my username is penpenguin

e-mail me for quick contact at - [email protected]

The one for sale is the short barrel

selling for 350 but my offer is loose so I will accept best offer

I also accept trades, guns, cash, guns and cash

again try and e-mail me at [email protected]


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great looking ghost. rare collectors item. I am a lurker at carter and have seen this guy posting. any one interested in a vintage gun thats still owns today really should take a second look.

free up for you

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price drop

price drop, new information here

Pictures, go to

on the left side there are links and one says MEMBER GALLERIES

go there and click on

penpenguin (it is the 1st row on the right and about halfway downish)

the pictures are in there

Lapco Grey Ghost

I am selling my short barrel lapco grey ghost, it is serial number 1619, and it is all original parts except for 1 screw that holds the pump arm in, it may not be original, but it looks the same as the others, and fits perfectly

Pictures are in my gallery, there is a link in my signature, it is the shortbarrel grey ghost

My camera isn't the best, so the pictures may not show the true great quality it is in, but I got great pictures of the internals, and all the parts

This has all the original stuff, even the spring under the pump arm

Price - $310 shipped obo

sorry for bad or blurry pictures

Long Barrel Grey Ghost

All original parts, field tested, and works perfectly and great. It even has the original site rail and blade site on the end, will get the serial number if you want, but it is in the 1600's.

350 shipped obo

the miscoloration of the barrels in the pics are not there, it is just an effect the carpet gives, there is a better close-up of the barrels above in this post


Shipping will be in bubble wrap and packing peanuts, so to prevent any damage, shipping is safe and fast

My favorite type of payment is paypal, since I can ship except for sunday and holidays, the day after I get the money

I accept all kinds of trades, just let me know
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