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Okay, my laptop is a satellite a215-s7407. 60gb hdd,1.37 gigs ram, windows vista os, 64 bit processors etc...

Lookin to upgrade my hdd. I found a 500gb 2.5" sata for laptops for about 110. Now, when I put the new hard drive in I'm gonna need a new Os right? If so I found vista ultimate for 240 or so and 4 gigs of ram at a low price also. Now, after I redo my hdd and os, will all my video card and soundcard etc. drivers load automatically? that's the main reason I'm upgradin 2 vista b/c the comp was buit for it.

Anyways, also plannin on uppin the burner. Wanting to go for a blue ray hd rom/burner. Any info?
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