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Heres a list of most of my stuff. I do have the box and manual for the lasoya.

Blue to black fade Lasoya
Halo hopper/ blue shell (new)
Nitro Duck 88/4500 Carbon with x-stream system (new)
HPR adjustable ram cap (new)
WAS 2.6 with WAS eyes

As far as extras:
DYE Invision
DYE tank cover
DYE jersey
DYE pants
DYE elbow pads
DYE kneepads
Timmy tool kit
REDZ 3+3 with pods
+A lot of misc.

The gun is in great shape. Much of the other stuff is only been used a couple of times. The DYE pads have never been used. I got into paintball before I moved, but now I have no time. The first offer of $1200 gets everything.

There are a couple of things that I couldn’t get in the pictures.
I'm throwing in the DYE invision mask and bag, some paint, redz neck guard and a couple of gear bags I have. I think thats everything.

Im throwing in a REBEL LE that I have in for free to the first person to buy my gear. Its a cool marker. Anodized metalic green, works perfect. A great lowner gun.

I have pics of everything. Cant upload them here, to big. My emails [email protected] Send me an email and Ill send pics.
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