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The factory soft top for my uncles RT/10 was starting to get a bit stiff from 12 years of sitting with barely any use. So stiff in fact he has gotten slightly afraid to use it. So, I tell him about the 3 piece hard top the recently came out on the aftermarket with optional glass windows. I found him the website on Thursday and by that Sunday we were installing a brand new three piece "trunk top." It looks amazing, like a competition coupe, but you still retain the ability to turn it into a roadster, and you can even just leave the center panel in and have a T-top style viper. Very neat stuff.

Now I just have to get him some new chrome wheels when those factory tires rot off from sitting. 12 years old and only 4,500 miles, what a shame. =( O well, atleast I got to put a few of them on. :)

Here's the pix (sorry they're a little blurry):

An an older one of the whole car:

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