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Decided to create a whole new thread rather than edit the existing since there's only 1 left.

Latitude D630. Core2Duo T7100 processor w/ 2 GB ram, 80 GB drives. Comes with a DVD/CD-RW drive AND the 4-cell hot-swap battery that can go in the expansion port to offer longer battery life if you don't need the optical drive. 1440x900 resolution. Nvidia graphics, so it can do 3d if you keep the resolution down. Has Windows 7 Professional SP1.

As stated in title, $260 shipped continental US. Payment via Paypal or Money Order.

ONLY TRADES I'M INTERESTED IN WOULD BE (and most of these are so heavily in my favor it's not funny and no chance of getting):

07 Quest (non-Raiders) straight
2010 Alien Independance straight
Macdev Droid straight
Macdev Clone straight

If your trade isn't on that list, I won't bother replying since you're not polite enough to read my post, I won't be polite enough to answer.


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