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This is the Official Legends of the Hidden Temple, V.3 Game Thread. At 12 a.m. EST I will be posting the tasks in the next reply.


1. Videos are now required. No pictures.

2. The member signed up on the team must be doing the stunt and say "Viva la Pbf," for the camera. [Negative 5 points will be awarded to all those who do not meet this requirement, NEGATIVE 10 IF YOU CHEAT]

3. Points are first come first serve. This means if you post saying you did the task but you can't upload it yet, and somebody else gets points for the task because they posted a video 5 minutes after your first post, you cannot whine about it.

4. Half-assed videos will be ignored. No points awarded. (Ex. a sheet over 2 chairs when the task was to build a fort out of chairs and blankets)

5. Tasks will now be worth anywhere from 1,2,3,5, and 10 points.
Judges are myself and HuNtS and our rulings are final.

Blue Barracudas

2. JeSTeR_1269
3. Kleivonen
4. hurdlebeast

Silver Snakes

3. seanness

Purple Parrots

3.Xtoast roxX
6.Skate and Paint

Orange Iguanas

1. crustybug
2. demonpoptart
4.Jester of Paint
6.sNoW PIrAnHa


1. Wes Himself
2. p8ntballweird
3. L1nUx_r0ot
4. olddfatbulldog
5. Spudchucker
6. Ellis

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It's that time. Starting today (Thursday at 12 a.m.) Legends of the Hidden Temple, V.3 is started. You may now do the tasks listed and post here to redeem points.

Blue Barracudas - 0

Silver Snakes - 0

Purple Parrots - 0

Orange Iguanas - 3

Supporters - 8

--------------------Task List--------------------

1 Point

- Consume the entire contents of a grape kool-aid packet. [Without adding water]

- 3 man tower. Put one person on your shoulders, then get on somebody elses shoulders.

- Get 5 random people to say VIVA LA PBF!

- Take a permanent marker to somebody's face. [Viva la PBF required]

- Put your hand in a mouse trap.

- Duct tape somebody to a wall.

- Give the door greeter at wal mart a hug when they say hello.

- Break a fart bomb in the fitting rooms somewhere and record the reactions of people.

- Record the reactions of 3 people that were so unlucky to have you moon them.

- Ride a bike backwards (at least 25')

- Ask someone random if they'd like to see your nipples

- Break 5 glass bottles of some sort in a semi public area

- Fart as loud as possible in an aisle at a store [Innocent bystanders necessary]

2 Points

- Smoke lawn grass. [Pick it, roll it, smoke it]

- Eat a shoe-ful of cereal with milk.

- Eat a stick of butter.

- Take 5 shots of lemon juice.

- Get 5 cars to honk at you whilst holding a sign reading, "HONK IF YOU <3 PBF!!111"

- Go into a grocery store and set up a bowling alley using 2 liter cokes and ball of your choice

- Run up/down a pretty full escalator going the opposite direction.

- Get your tongue stuck to a pole.

- Stand on a street corner and convince people that you're a bum, collect at least tree fitty.

- Drink 3 raw eggs

- Eat 7 Saltine crackers in a minute. [No Drinks]

- Walk on your hands down a staircase of at least 6 steps.

- Find 5 people that dont think elvis is dead.

- Eat 2 cans of sardines.

- Walk up to someone just getting out of their car and compliment them on it calling it a completely diferent car (example: some guy gets out of a jeep.. "hey dude! nice astro van!")

- Hunt down, and jump into three seperate pools of somebody you do not know.

- Have a store page your mom/brother/cousin as PBF.

3 Points

- Become a bridge troll. Demand and receive at least three seperate tolls.

- Rip up a $20 bill.

- Get 100% notes hit on any song for Guitar Hero 2 on....... medium.

- Tape a successful game of poo dollar.

- Find some adult diapers and ask an old person if its a good brand.

- Have a dog hump your leg.

- Eat a dozen boiled eggs in 2 minutes. No Drinks.

- Eat a can of wet cat food

- Down a tablespoon of cinnamon. [Record the happenings after]

- Find a redneck truck with confederate flag... steal it.

- Take 3 shots of soy sauce.

- Wash your hair with ketchup.

- Chug 6 cups of unsweetened warm tea.

- Set your desktop background to something extremely offensive and then ask your parents to
come help you with something on the computer.

- Have a mini brat fry, cook some brats on a grill and sell them to at least 2 people.

- Eat a habanero pepper, no water, milk, bread, dressing, or anything for 3 minutes

5 Points

- Get a mall cop to chase you.

- 10 man pyramid.

- Hit on: (1) Old lady (2) Milf (3) A Guy

- Ding dong ditch someone... and make sure their door opens to a flaming pile of dog crap. [Show the crap in bag, lighting, and door opening along with their reaction]

- Pee your pants in a public place and walk around like nothing happened.

- Buy a tampon and hand it to some random girl.

- Ring somebody's doorbell at 2:00 in the morning, and ask if they'd like to buy girl scout cookies.

10 Points

- DM4 For Dummies - Shoot somebody with a full hopper of paint.

- Make Pacman costumes and have ghosts chasing Pacman in the library.

- Allow someone to kick you as hard as they can in the balls.

Stay safe and have fun! We all look forward to the videos!

*In no way is liable for any injuries or citations you may receive while competing in LOTHT V.3.

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I'm nervous.

Are there any drinking ones? Those are probably the only ones I'll be capable of doing.

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first i lol'd cuz I thought you were older than that.
then i realized how much of a pansy you are while doing that. I eat lemons for entertainment, that would be nothing to me :)
props for finishing it up though.

I almost threw up, that's why I had to wait between the 4th glass and the 5th glass. I would have been pissed if I had thrown up.

Video quality was horrible, I need to figure out what's wrong.

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niice! if i remember correctly - we can still get points for things other teams do, correct?

gl guys, i'm going to start on this stuff tonight (i'm at work) and i'm making a shirt that say's "viva la pbf" for the duration of the tasks...

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No, once the tasks are completed by another team, the tasks may not be done again.

+2 for supporters. (5 shots of lemon juice).

Wes, that doesn't count.


I'mma Let You Finish.
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No, once the tasks are completed by another team, the tasks may not be done again.

+2 for supporters. (5 shots of lemon juice).

Wes, that doesn't count.

haha it's cool. I didn't see any rule against it. I'll just do it again when I get home but if any other supporters want to do it.

DO IT. I wont be home until much later. So Please do it.
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