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I have a great red/black fade cocker here. Used twice...the only reason i'm giving it up is because I really couldn't get into the feel of an autococker and I need the money for tournaments and stuff like that. The only scratching/anno wear I can see is on the front of the reg and where the barrel screws in...everything else is is great shape. I lubed the bolt and oiled it after both uses. Every once and a while I slap a lil lube in there to keep it smooth working. Even though I didn't fall in love with it, I took care of it as if it were my primary marker. PM me or do what ever you like to get in contact with aim screen name is Woodsballin98.

Manufacturer description:
Advanced 3-D Milling
Polished Fade Anodizing
System x two-piece barrel system
Custom 4 piece ball detent system
System x Low-Rise ball feed
Milled and custom form fitted teardrop XTC back block.
Delrin Bolt Open Face / no o-rings needed
6 -way adjustable Vengeance regulator for perfect fitting which also takes place of front block valve stem screw
Adjustable 3-way for faster trigger response
Tacky grips designed to stick when palms get wet
Vengeance in-line regulator comes with output gauge and is adjustable from 0 to 750 psi
Dovetail mounted body has an ergo style knob
Dual outlets for gas line and gauges for any configuration
Braided hoses are also a standard pics right now...if you really need to see what it looks like, type it in to google or pbreview

price: $205 obo...sry i had to up the price a lil bit...a friend who works for a paintball pro shop told me i could get $300 for the gun the way I've been caring for it, but I don't want to make anyone pay that much for a $205 obo. Thanks guys. Price I bought it for was $350. I'll throw in the matching red revvy hopper if you pay $225.

payment methods: no PP!! No credit!! checks, money orders, cash even.

sry guys, if your not making serious offers please don't waste my time or yours...I need the money to fund my tournament entries and what not.
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