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I'll selling a Limited Edition Mini Black Magic with a Yellow to Black fade WITH BOX!! It includes the following:

- Matching Hinge Frame

- Flame Trigger

- Orr-acle Tickler Regulator

- Orr-acle 3 way

- Orracle Delrin Bolt and Pin

- Threaded feed port

- Sto Ram

- Black Magic Barrel

- Mini Front Block

- WGP Gem Grip

- Cam adjuster

- Matching High and Low Rise

- Black Magic Regulator

This was a limited production, no more are and will be made. Overall it's an Orracle with a Mini Black Magic Body, plain and simple.

It includes a Bottomline Kit with Black Macro with elbows ($25 value). Basically it's ready to play with out of the box.

I'm selling for $550. That gets it shipped to your door, all offers will be considered.


More pictures:
Thanx for looking

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Hey I can maybe get you $450 but thats within a couple weeks 3 (max) and where do you live in South Cali?
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