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Price is OBO
Will consider all offers (Unless its a lowball)
You ship first, i dont care how much feedback you have
Take Money order and Paypal
You cover shipping.
PM me to talk about any offers, but post here first

Today im offering up my LNIB Lenovo S10 netbook. Ive only had this machine for about 2 months, and havent used it much so im deciding to sell it. *Note: I upgraded this machine and put 2 GB of RAM in it to speed it up. Also, unit has Windows XP product key on the back, but i put Ubuntu Linux on it instead. Btw this laptop has a 10" screen, 80GB Hardrive, and 2GB of Ram, and a 1.6GHZ Intel Atom Processor. Comes with Factory packaging and all accessories.

$300-350 OBO
Mini V2
Etek i add if Etek 2 i add more
PMR i add
DP G3 i add
Tippmann X7
Anything just offer

Note the unit is not damaged, just a lil dusty

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