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Ok, well, it seems I need to quit paintball. Quitting anytime soon prolly wouldn’t have occurred to me, except for I need money for college and a new car. I literally just bought this dm5 like 2 months ago. I got it in the mail, and the weekend I wass gonna use it, I broke my wrist. It was a three day weekend from school and I went snowboarding on Friday and broke my wrist. U can see the splint in some of the pics. Anyways, this gun is in perfect untouched (well, it has been touched, but only by me), mint condition. Has only been used a handful of times (dont play very often). I bought a musashi 3 chip expecting to maybe use the gun when my arm heals, but now I don’t have much of an appetite for paintball. I also just got a red bottom piece for the feedneck from dye to match the anno. I also have the stock neck and stock chip. Also, everything that comes stock with a dm5, including blank warranty card.

Can include a crossfire lp tank and reloader B and can make a deal if u add one or both of those to the gun

Brand new Red/black DM5

Stock 14” .688 dye ultralite

Brand new Musashi 3 chip installed

Brand new CP 2005 on/off dust black

Red accent on the bottom part of the feedneck. Just got in the mail from dye yesterday and loctited it on too.

Stock stuff: unopened dye lube, manual, blank warranty card, parts kit, allen wrench set, and all original boxes and everything is in perfect condition

EXTRAS: I have two spare membrane pads, and a battery/microswitch harness. Can include slick honey as well.

MUSASHI 3 Features:
-3 firing modes
-uncapped semi
-capped semi
-capped NXL/PSP mode

Modes 2 and 3 can be capped from 14 to 20 bps.

PRICE: $ 900 obo

-gun alone = $900
-gun and reloader B = 950
-gun and tank = 1000
-gun, reloader b, and tank = 1020

Also for sale:

Like new Diamond smoke reloader B
CROSSFIRE 68/45 low pressure tank. Hydro 05/03. 5 years till next hydro. So in 2008
Black/blue 04 Dye rhino cover
Black/blue dye 03 jersey
Gray large dye c4 pants
Gray vforce Profiler
Moss Green JT flex 7 ize
5+4 dye attack pack, BRAND NEW
A bunch of dye locklid pods. 04 locklids that is

PICS: ---------------FEEDBACK

AIM screename: jrcoreymv

NO TRADES. I live in so cal for those of u who only buy in person. Can meet at sc village , tombstone, or pendleton

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not sure what to ask on c4's, so maybe like 60. theyve been used 2 times exactly.

and im only selling the reloader B with the gun now. i was selling it separately, but i have people locally who want to buy it already, so im only going to ship it to someone if they buy the dm5 too.

so, im forced to give u this deal: *Buy my Reloader B for 950, and get a free DM5!!!!*
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