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2002 Autococker (red) -- SOLD

PMI Hopper
3 Pod Pack including 3 Dye Pods and 3 PMI Pods
Toolbox w/ 5 O-rings, Assortment Of Stickers, and Gold Cup Lubricant
Dye Squeegee w/03 stretchy lanyard
PMI squeegee
20 oz. C02 Tank
C02 Tank Cover
Empire Barrel Bag
3 Barrel Plugs
Dye 03 Sticky Grips
Custom Gun Stand
JT Gun Bag
Bob Long Barrel -- SOLD
PMI Ceramic -- SOLD
Stock barrel --SOLD
Stock grips --SOLD
Pure Energy 68 cu. in. 4500psi nitrogen tank --SOLD
Red 03 Dye Rhino Tank Cover -- SOLD
Thread saver -- SOLD
Smart Parts Long Drop Forward -- SOLD
12 volt revvy Hopper -- SOLD
2XS Paintball Gloves -- SOLD

The total of these items are well over a total of $1100!!

This gun has been taken care of and cleaned after every use. There are no scratches on it.( See pictures) Note there is no EBLADE anymore I just sold that separately. I know the importance of keeping my paintball markers in shape and that it reflects on the performance of this gun, so it has been taken care of very well.

Any questions talk to me on aim it is XPDI04
Or email is [email protected]

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good luck selling pretty much the same package but with an 03 autococker and a new nighkast for the same price and no one wantes it...

free bump!!

ATL Ballers
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Ok, I mentioned that there was no eblade on the gun, so Kuby i cant sell you the eblade, I already sold it. You can buy the tank though, I have no price in mind so just throw out an offer and if no one beats it, it is pretty much yours.

Hiredgun and backseatgunner throw out an offer for each item you want and whoever gets the highest gets the gun and other items. If you have anymore questions PM, IM, or email me.


IM- XpDi04
Email- [email protected]

ATL Ballers
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When you want an item tell me exactly what you want. I need a list of the items that people want.

The gun comes with Smart Parts Drop Forward, PMI Ceramic Barrel and Stock Barrel. NO EXCEPTIONS.

So when you say you want the gun and a few other items tell me what they are. Example:

I want the gun, Dye sticky grips, and painball gloves.

This would help me alot so if you would take the extra time to tell me exactly what you want it would be much appreciated and I could answer you sooner.

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