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I have a loaded Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker with several barrels including the highly desired Flatline and All American. Also included is a chronograph/case and many accessories. I am looking to sell this for $190 FIRM.

This is a local sale only. You must pick up items.

The marker and barrels were only used a few times and are in excellent condition!

The Tippman Custom Package sells for almost $200 by itself ! But, I'm throwing in a $130 Flatline Barrel, $50 All American Barrel and $100 chrono making this an insane deal !!!

Here's my ad in craigslist with pics:
Loaded Tippmann with flatline & AA barrels, chrono and much more!

NOTE-I am selling this as a lot and will not sell anything separately.
Repeat, Nothing will be sold individually including the Flatline barrel or the chrono...

* As a bonus, I am throwing in OVER 1000 paintballs for free!!!

  • Included:
    • Tippmann 98 custom
    • Drop forward with gauge
    • Flatline barrel
    • Smart Parts All American Barrel
    • Paintball Radarchron - measures PSI
    • 9 oz Tank with butt stock
    • 20 oz Tank with stock butt
    • Scott Paintball Mask
    • Parts kit
    • - barrel cleaner/s
    • - oil
    • - washers
    • Paintball gloves
    • Hopper
    • Ronin Harness
    • Gun case

    Flatline barrel - Designed for range and accuracy, and eliminating the need to arch your shot, the Tippmann Flatline™ Barrel System uses patented technology to create backspin for a level and precise shot. Increases range by 100 ft. Smart Parts "All American" barrel

    Paintball Radarchron - The RADARchron is microprocessor controlled, like a mini-computer, and indicates calculated feet-per-second paintball speed on a two-segment liquid crystal display. The range of speed measurements is 150 to 450 feet per second, within ± 2 % accuracy. The RADARchron is housed in a rugged plastic housing, sealed to protect the internal components from dust, dirt and moisture encountered during normal use. It is triangular in shape, 2 1/2” wide, 3 1/2” long, and 1 3/16" thick, weighing less than three ounces. A three-volt, 160 milliampere-hour Lithium battery powers the electronics. This small N/3 size battery provides approximately 30 hours of operating life, representing over 3600 speed measurements. The RADARchron transmission level is well below that of most “wireless” consumer products such as cellular and portable telephones, for example. Transmission characteristics are well within FCC, CA, and CE requirements and prescribed safety levels.
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