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I’m starting a 5 on 5 Woodsball Scenario Tournament to include Michigan, Ohio and PA. The Games would be held at Commercial Fields.

I'm planning to have 3, 4 or 5 Games….It’s up to everyone…The more feedback I receive the better I can make this Tournament for everyone.

Those of you that would like to enter the Tournament please keep me posted as I can get the list together..

Out of the Games, the first few games prizes would be awarded to the winning Team, ie; guns etc;and for the final game Money would be the prize awarded to the winning Team... The Purse would be generated by each Team participating paying either a 10 or 20 dollar per person entry fee that would go into the Tournaments Pot. To be eligible for the final Game you must Compete in the first few Games.

I'm hoping to get a total of 5 Teams in the Ohio, Michigan and PA areas to participate. Of course the more teams the bigger the final purse and the better the prizes.

If we were to have 5 Teams participate, the final purse could be anywhere from $1,500 or more if we get more than 5 Teams signed up.

If interested please post here or email me direct at [email protected]

I'm the Executive Officer for the Scenario Team The Green Knights from Cleveland Ohio.

Feel free to visit our site at

Or you can find more about us on the forum.

It is early enough in the year that I have plenty of time to organize this event...

For now I'm just gathering a list of Teams who are interested...The next phase will be to create a website for the Tournament, once the site is up, all rules, field locations, Scenario Game, etc will be posted on the new website...All the games will be held at fields who can accommodate a strictly Woods ball Scenario type event. The way the fields are chosen is once I have at least 5 Teams interested, the website will go up. I will post the website here when that occurs. My goal is to have a website up by the end of February and will provide all the details. The field locations will be picked by the Teams through a list I will post in pole form on of the most popular fields in Ohio, Michigan and PA (this makes it very fair for everyone). Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for the top fields they would like to see in the Tournament. After the pole is over the top most voted fields will set the grounds for the 2006 Tournament. I plan to have the Games during the months of May through September.

For now any Team wanting to Compete in this Tournament please post on the Forum at under Scenario Games, Big Events, and Commercial Games. Please post your Team name, along with the city and state you are from.

If you know of any Scenario type Commercial fields in your area please let me know.

Please get the word out.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested..

Thank you for your time.
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