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Here are 2 great working guns the autocker is a dye autocker. I is a 03 but very hard to find. It comes with a worrblade trigger its just like the eblade but wgp did a little modification it it. Everything else is stock. It comes with the dye ultralite barrel (original barrel). Its in great working condition. Post comments or email me directly at. I will sell this gun for $325 They sell on ebay for about 350 w/o the worrblade which cost me about 400 dollars. I am selling because my team does not use these and I need money for a proto.
I will take any trades if you want.

[email protected]

Now my nerve is like brand new. I got it as a gift and never liked it. I used it at the field once and I was not a sp fan and i am still not. So I am trying to sell it. The price is $425. I will take trades email me for trades or just post it. Also i will go best offer if the price is reasonable.

I will trade both guns for a proto or dm plus cash if necessary
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