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Im willing to trade my
Black Magic-Blue/Nickel
-Blue/Nickel CP Two Peice Pro Barrel
-Blue CP Flame Drop Forward
-PHAT on/off ASA
-Custom Nickel Flame Trigger
-Nickel Palmers Pursuite Shop Custom Rock Regulator
-Nickel Black MAgic In Line Reg
-System X 68ci/3000psi tank with a centerflag regulator set at 800 psi so these tanks work with ALL guns

-DELL D600-->labtop

-3 Controllers.
-Online Headset
-DVD PlayBAck
-Xbox Live Starter Disc
-Halo 2
-Espn Nfl 2k5
-Xbox Music Mixer W/ Mic
-Need For Speedhot Pursuit 2

-Blue/Black Dye Invision Mask
-Blue Dye Jersey-XL
-Black/Blue Dye Pants-XL
-Blue/Black Dye Gloves
-Blue/Black Barrel Condom
-Blue/Black Dye Rhino Cover=68/3000

-2 regular controllers 1 black/1 blue
-1 black regular mem card
-online adaptor
-Final Fantasy Online game with harddrive
-Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
-Conflict Zone Modern WAR Strategy
-Madden NFL 2005
-NBA Live 2005
-MVP Baseball 2004
1 - 11 of 11 Posts