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Good luck with that.

This forum is largely like a small-town hardware store, and the regulars here are the old guys that hang out around the counter and help the local young folk fix their issues...because we don't have much better to do with our time....except exchanging preferences and event stories.

As far as finding a place you won't get ticketed - the best thing to do is go out and network and socialize. Your best bet/location to do that is a place where you find like minded individuals who share interests with you in the hobby you want to participate in....

....I'd go to an organized field. There, you can make alliances and friendships, and someone likely knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who owns land somewhere - and that you might be able to get permission to play on. Having the owner's permission (preferably in writing) is your best way not to get ticketed/arrested.

But - if you want to play basketball..and you're by yourself, you go to the public basketball court. To play paintball, if you're missing go where other people play paintball :).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts