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I got some advice in another forum since I had some access issues here. But now that it's all fixed, I would like some advice in other areas, along with some second opinions. So from the top...

I recently got an Epiphany by Smart Parts - it's my first gun. I'm not new to paintball, just never owned my own gun. I have a friend that has 4 guns and I always just borrowed one of his. Why spend to buy one when I can just use a modded one that I will never have to understand or maintain? Well, he's selling 2 of his guns and one of the remaining 2 will be used by his wife - this leaves me no choice but to get my own. And now I have to learn all about what parts are important upgrades, what’s not really a necessity, and so on.

So my first question is "Which Tank?" I read the HPA vs CO2 FAQ here and it answered alot of questions, but also left me wondering about who was the best manufactuer. I know some will say PMI, others will say DXS and yet others will say Crossfire. What are the major differences between all of these brands? I also heard of ANS recently and was wondering if anyone had used their tanks. I'm planning on going with a Carbon Fiber Wrapped 68ci 4500psi tank, but I don't know which one to buy. I know that DXS is a bit smaller; But if that's the only major benefit vs Crossfire and PMI, then I don't think it's worth the extra $...

Also might be considering a Drop Forward, but wanted some help in choosing one. Any brands that I should stay away from? Any brands that are better than others? Anyone have an Epi with a DF already and if so, how do you like it?

My final issue is in regards to oil/lube - What kind of Oil/Lube should I buy? I've heard of SL33K by Smart Parts, Core Super Slick, Kermode Concepts K-C H.M.P., SLiP2000, etc etc. I've read so many reviews on all those oils, but I know now that there is such a thing as reading too many reviews. I'm now more confused than when I started.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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which tank:
PMI is a suitable tank, it's a bit heavier then the others. some may say it's noticable, but it's not a huge difference. the regulators they use aren't the best either, but unless you plan on ripping off 30 balls per second, it'll preform. that's the onyl real difference between brands, weight and regulator quality.
Pick a drop, any drop. most will say it's unnecessary, but if you dont' like the direct mounted tank, the drop may be for you.

read your manual and stick with it. sleek lube is specially build for certian markers, I'm sure other lubes works as well like Dow33(or is it DOw55? swells o-rings and one does not)
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