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Exactly what it says^^ looking to form a 7 man D4 speedball/ x-ball team that we can hopefully take to world cup 2012 (we missed two of the six tourneys so were aiming for next year. we will however be going to world cup 2011 to watch and support some friends of ours that are playing in it)

WE HAVE FIVE SPOTS LEFT SO LET ME GIVE YOU OUR SIMPLE REQUIREMENTS: you must be a central florida resident, so im talking the st.pete, tampa, seminole, clearwater areas. you must have a speedball gun. if you don't know what that is or aren't sure, dont bother messaging or emailing me. you should know if you gun is fast enough enough to be used in a speedball game. also, you've gotta have money. yeah we have a couple sponsorships lined up, but were still going to need to pay for our jerseys and what not, so if you already know you cant pay for simple things like paint, gas(for your car), or jerseys, then once again dont email or PM me. we dont have an age limit set for the team so dont worry about it. we just need people that are active enough that they can last a day of play without dieing on the field. prior experience with paintball is with a professional team but not playing in any tournaments such as i do is fine. you also need to be free on most weekends to practice and train. lastly, and most importantly, we need to meet you and play some games with you before we accept you on the team to make sure your chill. a paintball team is more then just your team, its some of the best friends youll ever make in your life

email me your name, age, gun(s), experience playing, and a brief explanation of yourself. any questions? ask them! if i like what you have to say ill email you back with my number and the field you can meet us at.

if your serious about playing, and meet our requirements, please dont hesitate to email me at [email protected]

thanks for reading guys. hope to see you on the field soon!!
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