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I am new here and not a paintball player nor do I know all the netiquette with forum posting so, if I break any rules or offend anyone, accept this as an apology in advance.

Now, I am doing a project for my son. The basic idea is a realistic but SAFE revolver prop for a live action game. I have spent a few weeks on it and came across a few mentions of an old paintball revolver made by Crosman; it was called the 3357 and was a .50 caliber, 5 shot, CO2 powered revolver (it used the 12g mini cylinders).

I think that I can use this as a base for my project and I have been looking around to find one or two to mod and work with. If you have one you want to sell, feel free to e-mail me direct at [email protected] as I will not be checking the forums.

Also, if there is another type of paintball revolver out there, I would appreciate a heads up. I am also willing to consider having one done custom if anyone knows a CNC shop that does this kind of stuff.

Basically, I am trying to do this for my son and I would appreciate any assistance anyone can give. I am open to sale offers, information or general advice but, please take note - I am only interested in REVOLVER style paintball guns - nothing else.

I appreciate your time and consideration.


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