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I'm looking to buy all this stuff:

4 dye locklid pods
macroline fittings (1 straight and one 90*)
asa(preferably black or chrome, either on/off or just your standard asa)
VL eyeforce
Autococker threaded barrels
chrome drop forward

That's all I can think of now, if I think of more I'll add.

What I have to trade if you'd rather trade...

Cocker threaded 14in AA Stainless steel barrel
Orange wasp bolt (top cocking)
Stock ACS bolt
Eggy 3
VL 2 pod pack
JT Tac-5 ( completely stock, some damage)
Stock 05 pilot acs barrel (blue)
Stock 05 pilot acs grips
punch in/out Timeclock (random)
random assorted golfballs (like 40 some...I live by a golf course :)
Sandisk MP3 player (older, holds 240 songs)

Some groundrules:

You ship first in trades unless I've sort of come to know you on here or your feedback is very good. As far as payment goes, I only do paypal sorry. Any questions pm me and I'll be happy to help. Thanks!

I do what I do
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No thank you.
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