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LOT 3 Paintball Guns, Spyder, Icon w/Masks, Tanks, (SOLD)

1 Icon BL marker (blue)

1 Spyder Xtra marker (Green)

1 Brass Eagle Stingray (Black)

2 JT Masks

2 9 ounce co2 Tanks

1 20 ounce co2 Tanks

2 200rd hoppers

1 50rd hopper (for the stingray)

1 barrel squeegee

10 New Orings

The Icon is in like new great condition.

The Spyder does have scratches on it but it is in good working condition.

The Stingray is in good working condition except it is missing the cocking leaver. Once the gun is cocked it does not need to be cocked until next time you use it because its a semi-auto.

Both masks are used and have normal wear and tear on them.

Asking $120.00 Shipped


1 - 2 of 2 Posts