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I have a Gamboy color (Teal Green) With
Gameboy Teal green box and instructions included
Nyko Gameboy light, clear blue-green
Two way link cable with old gameboy adapter
AC wall plug adapter
Gameboy carrying case, holds all the games
Gameboy secret codes 2-Great codes, but not alot for the games i have
Rugrats in paris
Road Rash
ken griffy juniors slugfest
Rugrats the movie
Legend of zelda- seasons
Pokemon pinball
Jeff gordan car racing

Best offer, looking for around 45 shipped

2 mini electric airsoft guns
1 Mini electric steyr aug clear with box
1 mini electric ak-47 with box, needs to be opened up and fixed, only shoots like 10 feet, something wrong with the spring

best offer, looking for 15-20 shipped

Gun package
PMI black maxx with directions and barrel plug
200rd hopper with elbow
Allen paintball case
PMI xray mask

looking for about 40 shipped
will sell the mask seperate

everthing else want to sell as a package. Will trade for Simpsons hit and run for gamecube. may part out on some gameboy games.

Paypal please
Aim is spikoman69
email [email protected]


111 Posts
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this stuff needs to sell now best offers will be taken, kinda like an auction, best offers in next 10 days get it, no lowbows
1 - 5 of 5 Posts