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i'v got tons of stuff here!!!
about 300 pokemon cards (HAHA) lots of different ones the old ones when they first came out--50
doom 3 for cpu--20
unreal tournament 2004 for cpu--15
pirahna pro ts g3 w/ 20 ox tank, jt googles (worth about 20), 200 ball hopper, and aluminum case all for 150 + shipping
unreall 2- the awakoning (pc)--8
ncaa football 2005 and topspin tenis 10
return to castle wolfenstien-platnum hits (xbox)--10
extreme paintbrawl (pc)--8
memory card reader(for pc w/ usb cable)--4
sim life, sim ant, sim copter, big game hunter 4, microsoft dangerous creatures, calender creator 4.0, HP home Office, Print Artist 1500, Rollar Coster Tycoon all for 15 or 2 a piece
i'll take pics if anyone wants some !!
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