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Lots of stuff for sale!(mags,trracer....)

Hey i have alot of extra stuff that i want to sell. I dont use much of this stuff and want to make some money for a new gun. Prices are negotible so make an offer...I have:

Automag #1 specs:
-Aftermarket barrel-smartparts i think.
-Regulator-it looks like an old ans one, they guy i got it from said something about a pigtail extension
-This gun has fired well all of the times i have played with it, I just test fired 20 shots with it and they all went straight and accurate and had no breaks. $140

This gun has performed well everytime that i have played with it, however i dont play with it often anymore. It has chopped some balls as of lately but im not sure why. This probably is either i am bad using it or the velocity is set too high. This comes with an elbow and 200 rnd hopper.
-$50 obo

1 MadMan Spring kit for spyder-unopened*
-$10 obo

3 old masks ($5 each or make an offer including them with something else):
-32 degrees
-and an old JT mask

1 spyder body
1 almost complete set of spyder internals( bolt ,striker, spring guide, etc...) $20

1 benchmark site rail
-comes with an adco sure shot red dot sight and camo cover(batt not included) -$15 obo

2 co2 bottles:
-7oz-really old not sure if it will be able to get filled (will throw in with another item for almost free)
-9 oz bottle-bust disc is burst, will throw in with another item for cheap also

1 coiled remote hose-missing top screw $10

Feel free to make offers combining any of the above stuff.

I HAVE PICS >>>> [email protected] <<<<<<FOR PICS
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