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I guess this will be my page Ill sell my non-paintball stuff on, Ill be updating this a lot, trades is where its at...

First up:

I have a JL Audio W7 (8") these subs are crazy kind of loud, this single sub ina vented box outknocked two of my 15s posted below and still sounded clearer. This sub was in an SUV, I have no idea how loud it would be ina smaller car. All I know is on volume 6 with the settings done right, it was entirly too much, it made swallowing and breathing hard. And this is coming fromsome who keeps four 15s rockin. It has three hours MAX of play on it. I paid 449.99 new for the sub. Offer up, highest offer in my eyes takes old trade fell through...trades WELCOME

Second up:
Panasonic cq-hr1003u Ghostface...Touch screen CD player, MP3...sirus ready. Never installed...I ended up getting a pioneer 7500 and liked it better.

Next up:

(1) 15" kicker CompVR in tuned box. Paid 149.99 per sub and 125 for each tuned box. Starting to get older and dont need as much bass...115 bucks

1600watt klash re-spooled amp (aprx 900rww). A local built competition amp, the amp alone was 300 and had Mike Sutfin from dr. dashboard respool it and tune it to push more which was another 100 bucks. Looking to get 200

Now we got:
(2) Polk GXRs, brand new, never used bought them for my camaro, paid 55 bucks each...75 bucks

And a celly:
Samsung N400, old sprint phone, perfect condition...50 bucks

How about a PS2 Steerin wheel
Madcats PS2 steering wheel and pedals...carbon fiber trim, new in box works perfect only used once...30 bucks

Anyone play drums and need one:
Barely used Pearl snare drum in carrying case with stand, practice pad and a set of VIC sticks...100bucks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts