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love my invision!

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i just got a dye invision i love it sooo muchits really comfy. i think i might get a yellow or mirror lens 4 it
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get the yellow lense and next time u wanna express feelings like that for a inanimate object think twice
o come on a guy can say something pointless and stupid once in awhile....
I got a smoke invisionand tricked it out so nice first off i putt spike/stud things on the front and then on the back i put these little thin strips of leather hanging off the strap, tons of them, looks predator stile some of the strpas have little gold things on them ooooooh its nice.
i hate people who do that
so wannabe ghetto black man dread poser gothic
i hope to god he is ...
cool i was thinkin of savin up to buy an invision mask so this topic really helped me out i'm gonna start savin up for it.
why does anyone care that he got invisions? I mean good for you but come on man... this thread isn't a question it is a random comment
oh well this topic helped me out so i'm glad other ppl had something to say about it.
i love my proflex too, i think i will go make a thread about it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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