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-Unibody Foregrip
-Shaft Pro Tip
-New LPR Design
-Cure* Bol

Exactly! We are't trying to force something new and revolutionary down your thoats here, hence the really soft launch.

The LV1.1 Pro is some tweaks to the LV1 to improve on a couple of areas that players have brought up over the last year or so of playing with the LV1.

To answer a couple of questions: the new foregrip will be available for existing LV1 owners. As will the new bolt tips. In fact, the bolt tip is now just the same as the GSL, Geo3.5 and Etek5 tip. It picks up the ball better and prevents roll-back into the face.

The Shaft Pro Tip will be available to buy seperately too. This tip has been designed with the aid of some of our top Pro players (hence the name) such as Dave Bains (hence why you have sen him shooting the prototypes). they requested that we removed the troughing from around the porting as this can fill up with paint from bunker rub and then drip into the inside of the barrel and effect accuracy. We took the opportunity to change the porting too and re-style the outside.

The one feature that is not retro-fit to the LV1 is the new larger LPR chamber. That is because this is an intrinsic part of the body, and not a component that is bolted to the body. As such it would require a new body to implement it.

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