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Macro/Micro Line... N2?

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Ok... What's the difference between Macro and Micro line? What are the pros and cons of each. I have a tippy A-5 with the GTA expansion chamber. Would I have a problem going to HPA? How would I go about doing so? Why would I want a 4500psi tank over a 3000psi tank? How many shots could i get out of a 68ci of each. Thanks a lot guys!
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Well Tippmann efficiancy, so not that many. You definately want to get the 4500psi tank. More shots per fill. Also you will want to get rid of the expansion chamber and get a regulator.

Get macro line. All I hear is bad stuff about micro.
regulator huh? Well I'm the middle of nowhere so N2 is sometimes not available so I have to use Co2. I'd want to keep my expansion chamber for that, would the N2 be hindered or would it hurt my chamber?
About this regulator... what should I look for...
Any one else out there please reply to my first post, i would like multiple opinions.
well a 4500psi tank gets you more than 2x as many shots per fill than a 3000psi tank of the same size will. an expansion chamber will possibly decrease the airflow of the hpa, but from what ive heard its barely noticable. i suggest a palmers male stabilizer as a regulator. it handles both hpa and co2 nicely from what i hear. ive heard microline is too restrictive and macroline is better. with an a5, i think you are better off just making it so you have at least (3) 20oz co2 tanks, and get them all properly antisiphoned. this combined with the xchamber you already have would help greatly. thats just my opinion, but hpa is definitely the better way to go.
Since expansion chambers are designed to give the Co2 flowing through your marker more space to turn into a gas, this will do nothing perfmornace wise towards running HPA through it. It will act as a vertical gas-thru grip.

A good regulator for just HPA is the Custom Products Inline. Very cheap, very compact, and very good.

But for both Co2, and HPA, flatlander called it with the Palmers Male Stabilizer. This is also a very good regulator when it comes to either air source, but most will find it a little expensive at $90 - $100.

I'd suggest Macroline also. Just like Barber, I only hear bad things concerning Microline.

I think you may need some kind of HPA kit for your A-5 if you want to go HPA. I'm not sure exactly. But a regulator with HPA will be a good first step. This will help regulate your marker, and make it more consistent.

You will get way more shots from a 68/4,500, than a 68/3,000. Totally worth it IMO.
if i were to get HPA on an a5 i would go for a crossfire 88/4500 stubby tank. they are just a bit shorter than a standard 68ci tank and just a bit wider than normal. you dont need anything special for it. no regulators even. just get the preset 88/4500 stubby tank, set for high pressure(~850psi output). you could get a low pressure kit and a good regulator(palmers male stabilizer) and that would make it a bit more consistent since the inline reg would actually be put to use.
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