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This looks Really cool and its close to myrtle for the whole family...non ballers can hit the beach and sites...
(copied from Nienow)

"A Few Years From Now..." in a future where law and order has begun to break down and gasoline is the currency of the land. Two sides pose to control the wasteland.

The Humungus in their refinery settlement are confined to the space that the Master Blasters allow them in the wastelands oasis on the outskirts of Barter Town.

With skirmishes picking up by the day over refined gasoline, a full blown conflict is inevitable. The Master Blasters seek to take this vital resource to power their empire. The Humungus seek to build there own. The line is drawn in the sand with paint, what side will you choose?

Promo Video:

YouTube - Mad Max - Scenario Paintball Game

Port City Militia Presents - MAD MAX
Adventure Beach Paintball
August 28th, 2010
Registration and Pricing to be announced soon
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