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Mantis Pro Pack.

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I was thinking of getting the Mantis Pro Pack 3+2 with my Proto gear instead of the Proto pack, has anyone else used this pack, is it worth the money and will it last?
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very nice pack. i would recomend a worrpack, NXe or nartech as well. shop around a lil befor you buy. i just got a dye core 4+5 and it is the most comfortable pack i have ever used.
I'm looking for the cheapest most reliable pack, so I'll keep my options open and look around.
i say go Jt pro harness.. you can make how many you want to carry pretty cofty too
I just purchased a WGP 3+4 harness w/tubes for $35.00 and i also got a free airsoft pistol with it . Hope the Pack is nice,.
i <3 mpacks and redz.. Mantis packs are real nice. great products
mantis packs are great and will definatly last, not to mention thier cheap.
NXe packs are awesome. Their pod ejection system is amazing. The 3+2+2 pack is only 50 bucks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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