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Not so much noob anymoar
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Hello all,
This review is about the Maple Ridge Paintball field located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.
Here is their website with additional info: :::MAPLE RIDGE PAINTBALL::: that website is pretty well detailed, but I am still going to post some info on here.
-Field paint use only Payment Methods: Cash OR Visa ONLY

$30 per person package:
Semi-automatic gun rental
Coveralls and goggles
HPA/CO2 refills for the day
100 paintballs

$60 per person package:
Semi-automatic gun rental
Coveralls and goggles
HPA/CO2 refills for the day
500 paintballs

$10 walk-on for gun owners:
HPA/CO2 refills for the day
They also have some group discounts listed on their website
Extra paintballs:
$10 per 100
$45 per 500
$160 per case of 2000
If you buy one of the packages you can upgrade:
+$5 Upgrade to a Tippmann A-5
+$5 Upgrade to Anti-Fog mask

Operation Times:
Open all year Rain OR Shine!
Open Saturdays and Sundays, weekdays are available by reservation ONLY (5 people minimum).

Summer (Starts first weekend in April): Winter (Starts first weekend in October):

10 am start - Morning Session 10 am start - Morning Session
2 pm start - Afternoon Session 12 pm start - Afternoon Session

Fields (6 different ones base excluded):

-Sign in Building
-Target Range
-Air/CO2 Fills
-BBQ Area
-Waiver Tent
-1 Acre - Close Quarters
-Buildings, Buildings, and more Buildings
-Inflatable Air Bunkers
-2 Acres of Madness!
-Bush, Bunkers, and Cars
-Small Field (60ft X 140ft)
-Intense In-Your-Face Action!
-4 Acres - High Ground and Low Ground
-One team gets the hill, the other team gets the town
-3 Acres - Just Bush Baby!
Cheeseburger Hill:
-The Biggest and Baddest!
-10+ Acres of Mother Nature's Best Terrain
-In the middle of it all, "Cheeseburger Hill"

I copied most of the above stuff from their website mentioned earlier, so you can somewhat imagine what it is like. Check their website out for additional info, waivers, contact info etc. All credit goes to them.
Now I am going to talk about my personal impression and how it went.
You come to the parking lot, the "HQ" (sign in/rental building) is located right next to the parking lot. After you signed in, paid and enough people have arrived they give you a safety lesson; the lesson includes when/where/how to use/wear the mask. A basic lesson about your Marker+Hopper; how to use it, how to secure it (putting barrel condom on it, operating the safety button etc) and about your gas tank and its gauge. They ask you if you have questions which they answer them with great detail. After that lesson is done you go back to the "HQ" building and they give you your Marker, Mask and your Pb's in a bag. You are then asked to put the marker on the gun rack where you will load it. The ref is with the group all the time and makes sure people are being safe, people can only take their loaded marker out of the rack once everybody has put their mask on. After all that is done we head down to the neutral zone where there is another gun rack where you will be asked again to put your marker on and a couple of tables with a safety net around it (that is the place where you are allowed to take your mask off). The ref tells you about the field and the game type you will be playing, once everybody knows the rules you take your gun (while masks are on) and go out on the field where you remove the barrel condom/plug, you head to your base and once the ref says GO you start playing. I felt very safe on the field, the ref/staff really make sure people have their masks on when playing or not being in the neutral zone and they also check that people put their barrel plugs/condoms on when needed (The refs are being safe as well all the time). IMO the staff is experienced and they enforce safety very well, and they make sure everybody knows the general/safety rules. In between games you are allowed to go for gas refills and to buy additional pb's when needed. I personally recommend the field for their professional (and friendly) staff, safety standards and variety of game types/fields they have.
This is my first field review, sorry if I left anything out or it is crap. If you have any questions please ask. NOTE that the info is from when I played, it may have changed meanwhile.
Have a nice day.

Not so much noob anymoar
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Also you should note Dan,

Maple Ridge paintball has a $100 LIFETIME membership, or a $200 LIFETIME rental membership (includes rentals for life)
Yes yes, thank you for adding that, forgot to mention that.
The normal $100 Dollar Lifetime membership also includes free HPA and CO2 refills
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