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It's March.

It's the best month of the year.

March Madness

The Big Dance

The Sweet Sixteen

The Elite Eight

The Final Four

(you catch my drift)

Time for us all to pick who the champion will be this year, as well as those who fall short of that all-important national championship.

I've started a Yahoo Tourney Pick-'em group that you are all invited to join. The name of the group is USU/PBF (I say USU because once the guys on the floor come back from Arizona, they will be entering their picks too).

Just go to and click on 'Create or Join Group'. Then click on 'Join Existing Group' and then 'Join a Private Group'. It then asks you for the group number and password.

Post your email address and I will send you an invite.

Good luck to all and pick well!
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