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Hey guys! I need some help on deciding which marker to buy. I want to play woodsball, and a little speedball as well, but from what I've read on some of the forums, I've heard that a Tippmann is a little bulky and large especially for speedball. I was wondering is there a marker out there that is light, fast, (doesn't have to be real fast, I can always upgrade) and upgradeable? I really don't want it to be shiny or any color that would stand out in the woods. Is there such a marker? Also, I was looking at, an Smart Parts Ion. I noticed on most guns, the elbow is in the direct line of sight. Is there any way to move it? I saw a video on how to aim, since he had the elbow right in the middle of his gun too (he was professional) and he said to aim with the paintballs you shoot. What I want to know is this; what if you are playing blackjack, for example, you can't aim with paint, your paint has to be aimed! What I am really wondering is if you can't see down your barrel directly, how do you aim?? (This is why i like Tippmanns')
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