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Its that time of year again. Time to clean out the gear bags, get some new stuff, and go play.

So you've decided to sell your marker, for whatever reason, upgrading, quitting, you felt like it. So you jump on PBF and make a new thread offering your machine, your baby, maybe even your lifes work for sale. So lets talk about resale value...

Some simple rules to remember:

1: Upgrades are nice, but you may as well consider them "freebies" because they will not significantly raise the resale value of your even your ion.

2: Much like real life, looks are everything. Clean your marker BEFORE you post it. Take the stickers off BEFORE you post it. Take some NICE pictures. If it has upgrades (see rule 1) take pictures of them to PROVE it.

3: Sentimental value is not tangible. In other words, just because your great-great-grand pappy bought you your first autococker doesnt mean I'm going to give you twice market value for one. Memories are not for sale.

4: Research your product. This goes for anything really. You have many many resources available to you to see how comparable markers are selling. Heck, send me an email and I'LL tell you how much they're sellig for.

5: Marker "Packages" are great, but seldom work. Much like the auto industry, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In other words, if you have a marker, tank, hopper, ect ect, then your best bet is to sell them seperately. Also, this works for highly upped markers (see rule 1) If you want more out of them, try selling the pieces individually, you'll find you get more out of it that way.

6: Paintball resale value as a whole sucks. Fact of life. Get over it. If your marker is a year old, used heavily or not, you may as well assume you've lost at least half of the original price. Sad truth.

7: Just because YOU paid too much for your marker, doesnt mean the general populace is as gullible.

If you follow these 7 easy rules, your marker sale will go much smoother.

*mods* delete it, sticky it, whichever, just thought I'd offer some friendly advice thumup:
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