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Masks for Sale

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Hello everyone and mods.
Posting this last one for masks in store at amazon.
I would again love to receive feedback and opinions on the review I had someone make for me about these masks.

Masks Reviews and Masks for sale .

Thanks everyone.
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Again, it's terrible

"If anyone asked us what’s the best quality paintball mark on the market" I mean they didn't even proof read, furthermore

"Priced reasonably, made with high-quality materials, and lasts longer than most higher-grade models on the market, "

I would love for someone to tell me how they know the vio lasts longer than other masks when it hasn't even been out for a year. Did they time travel to find this out?

All they did for the mask reviews is grab a bunch of higher priced masks and say, these are the best

The thing about masks is once you get above about$70 all masks are more or less equal, the only difference and it's the most important thing when buying a mask, is how it fits YOUR face. A dye i4 works really well for me, it may not for you because our faces are different so you can't tell someone that there is a best mask

A gxg mask are you kidding me!?!? They are a no name company with a single pane non thermal mask, it's A HORRIBLE pick even if you are on a budget, don't trust your safety to a company looking to provide the least amount of protection

Best pick for the money

HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask

Could pick a worse mask, but I'd say the avatar takes this

Best durable paintball mask

VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask

.... Just no.....

Best performance paintball mask

VForce Grill Thermal Paintball Mask

It has sound issues, granted it is not a bad mask but best performance... No

Best lightweight paintball mask

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

They clearly did not weigh the masks...

Best versatile paintball mask

JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Paintball Goggles

Or use them, I mean this is one of the worst picks I can think of for versitility, it's a full head helmet, you can't change it at all, is it hot out? Too bad, you are going to suffer. E flex takes this easily

Best advanced paintball mask

Empire Paintball Event Thermal Goggle

The lens removal is not that great, many other masks have done a much better job of design

Best beginner paintball mask

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle

One of the worst picks I can think of for new players

Best adaptable paintball mask

Virtue VIO Thermal Paintball

This category shouldn't even exist, I mean what does a mask need to adapt to? Zombies?

Best comfortable paintball mask

Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle Mask

Seriously? It's like they pulled random masks out of a hat to fill categories, not only is this a bad pick but again, my face is different than yours, a mask that is comfortable to you may not be too me

Best quality paintball mask

Empire Paintball JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Mask

... It's a design from like the late 90s...

These are seriously some of the worst "reviews" I have ever seen made by someone who clearly does not use the products

Is someone making these for you? I mean these are baaaaaad, not thought out and made by someone that has very little, if any, paintball experience. I would ask to have them taken down, they are only going to confuse and steer people in the wrong direction the way they are currently written
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