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Cape Cod Paintball in Bourne, MA (the Ultimate Battleground)
Saturday October 9, 2010 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

PHONE: 774-269-3474
EMAIL: [email protected]

Paintball MILSIM:

Event Fee:

Self Equiped - $30 includes all day air. (bring your own paint)

Rentals - $45 includes field fee, gun, mask and 200paintballs, all day air rentals must use field paint.

10-11am Register/Chrono

11-1130am Safety

1130-12pm Take the field and set up for Missions

12-1pm Mission 1

1-2pm Mission 2

2-3pm Lunch

3-4pm Mission 3

4-5pm Mission 4

Oct 9th , 2010

With the recent economy leaving many Americans withoutmoney, jobs or places to live, many of these down and out individuals have madetheir way to the corrupt city of Boontown. With its gambling, and tradition ofMafioso influence Boontown has become an easily corrupted city. A band ofrebels and mercenaries have teamed up to form a revolt squad and they have settheir sights on neighboring Urbanville as their next conquest.

Meanwhile, the US government has sent a small unit of armedforces into the area to control the situation in Boontown and prevent anypossible takeover of Urbanville.

The Rebel Alliance, as they call themselves, will stop atnothing to obtain the riches and resources that Urbanville could provide theircult of misfits.

The HIT SQUAD, on the other hand, will do their best toprevent this hostile takeover.
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