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Sorry if this is not the place to post this, ^.^; , I have been roaming around searching as to where I might be able to place such a topic, but anyways here it goes.

I am trying to organize a paintball game in Maine, but I want to make it as big as possible... The location is the FLying Dutchman field, if we can get enough people, like lets say 40-60 then we can rent out the entire woods and have a base vs. base woodsball game, hopefully an all-day event, or even better, continuing the game through the night and having an all-nighter due to size.

The field wont have enough guns to supply everybody that will show up, but you can get rental markers, they have a variety, they have a professional paintball shop, lounge with TV, a bathroom (yes this is important, hate outhouses, :) ), rental masks suits, paintballs, everything. But since they're supplies are limited, I highly recommend only renting if you don't have your own gear.

They have acres upon acres of field, Urban Assault, Castle Siege, Woodsball, Base vs. Base (using the entire woods)... So you can sit games out or go play in another field :p .

The spring is the perfect time to do this, as we are hitting nice warm 60-80 degree temperatures and bug population is minimal, as well as it wont be too hot, making all-day or over-night playing easy. If the numbers come up short as far as people goes, the Flying Dutchman field will call in their own team to play as well, making planning in advance highly important.

The woodsball game will have full forts and bunkers, I believe you can get 2 or more bases in there and you can also have a territory-war styled game as well, I have been there before and I loved it.. The woods are large, just a single course even, I cant even begin to imagine what a game of 25 on 25 or bigger would be, especially to have the entire woods to use.

NUMBERS ARE IMPORTANT, If the event winds up any smaller than 30 people, I dont think we will be able to have the entire woods and all the fields at our disposal only, they have had 100 vs. 100 before, so this should say something about their field size... If you have any questions or wish to participate just send me a message, I need to have the numbers set before I can choose a date :p .

Well um, please comment on this, I know Maine isn't the biggest state, but there are nearby states, and I would say to be able to play in an all-out-paintball-war would be worth a 3 hour trip ^.^ . I want to begin the game around 6-7 AM, and have orientation and set the ground rules up until 8 AM, then followed by about 30-45 minits to scout and explore the woods, pick teams, and get a feel of the playing field, there will be maps so you can do tactics as well, and walky talkies are always welcomed... You can use smoke grenades, paintball land mines, if we take the entire woods I think that we may even be able to use paintball tanks.

Well this is all I can think of for now, I'll be monitoring this post closely and my email as well. I have a goal in mind, and paintball is my passion, I wish to throw such an event, and I'll give plenty of advance so you can plan things out and fit it into your schedule, just remember, try your hardest to bring or buy your own gear, with such a size I am planning, rentals will run out fast, they may be able to supply 20-40 people, but try to remember of the lowest number, just encase.

Yes I am typing a crapload of words, and yes a crapload is a measurement in my books, lol. Whatever you do, do not wear something you love to death, and I even recommend spare clothes or jackets. I can't call the field until I have numbers, that way I can figure out cost and give better information.

This is your chance to play in a big game, this will be AMAZING!!! :)

Please reply to this, and if I posted it in the wrong forum spot... Please move it, I just didn't see anywhere else on Spec Ops Paintball to post such a thing. ^.^;
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