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hey, i made a tech guide a few months back when i had a trix. its pretty much a compilation (is that a word?) of all the stickies on matrixowner and pbn. it has stuff on pulse settings, bolt kits and stuff, (lubing and removal and how it goes together and other stuff), oring guides. trigger removal and adjusting, problem solving pages, and all that good stuff. i posted this on matrix owner already, and quite a few ppl have asked me to send it to them. so any new matrix owners or anyone who just wants one, hit me up on aim at rockt3htrix

sn = rockt3htrix

i can only send it over aim tho, cuz its too big of a file for my email thing (its over 10mb)

the cover page i made for it is about half way through the booklet when you print it, so just move it to the top.

EDIT: this booklet is generally for the lcd matrices, but also has some stuff for led's. (has DIP settings too for it)
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