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This is the definitive Matrix upgrade guide. I’ll go in order of what is most critical to get.
First:Bolts.There are several bolt kits available for the Matrix, including these:
The best in many opinions, the Evolve bolt promises 1750 shots from your 68/45 tank. However Evolve does not ship to the US.

Produced by Team Lockout, many Freeflow items are availialbe for autocockers as well. I haven’t heard anything about this bolt, if you know about it please PM me.

The new Aardvark Slam bolt kit is out, and as of now, no one knows much about it. Should be high quality like most Aardvark products, though.

If your Matrix does not comes with eyes, there are two options.
TMC eyes.
These are a replacement breech and a Tadao 1.1 board for $220. A good deal in my opinion, these eyes are installed by TMC as well.

Doby/Flops eyes
If you don’t want TMC eyes, go to and buy eyes from Doby45 or Flipflops. You WILL need special drilling for this, ask around.

There are several Matrix boards available, but there is only one that is really worth it:

This board has basically everything you need, including debounce, fonrt pulse, back pulse, and much more. Basically, if you’re looking for a nice board, go Tadao.

This section covers LPR’s and HPR’s.
There are several LPR’s available, but two of the best, and most recommended are the:

This LPR is self compensating, meaning you only have to set it once. A very nice reg.

Aardvark Trinity (and variations)
This LPR is identical in performance and internals to the PBC LPR. It is very consistant and a nice reg for the price if you don’t mind setting it when you play.


There are so many HPR’s out there, it’s hard to know which to get. Several stand out from the crowd.
I personally have not used CP regulators, but have heard that they are very nice.

Mac Dev
Mac Dev produces the Gladiator line of regulators, which is very consistant. I currently use one, and it has never let me down.

Dye makes the Hyper line of regulators, which comes stock on the DM4. This is a very nice reg, and fairly easy to maintenance from what I have heard.

There are a few triggers for the Matrix, most are more cosmetic than performance-oriented, but all should be easier to walk/pull than the stock one.

We have:
CP Roller.
This trigger rides on rolling bearings making it easy to pull. This is a trigger that many Matrix enthusiasts choose to use.

Aardvark Tentacle, Alligator, and Switch.
This trigger looks very hot, and uses springs.

This trigger has grooves all the way down the trigger to make it very easy to rake. Uses springs.

This trigger looks similar to the CP roller, but uses springs. It’s quite easy to fan with.

If there is anything I have left out or should add, please PM me or post. Thanks!

EDIT-Spaced, products are clickable, coloring added.

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a few thing you forgot.. barrles the new trixes come with crappy barrle so u would want to upgrade to either a barrle kit, ul or cp 2 peice... are my suggestions for barrles... also a clamping feedneck is a must on most any gun.. that would be my first upgrade i would suggest. otherwise nice work and hope that new matrix owners will read this and it will help them out

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What about Dye Trix's, what is needed for those? Im planning on gettting the pipe kit for it, so what else should i get for it?

Heres the run down of what Dye did for it...

We've taken the standard LCD Matrix and made it better. Cross beam eyes are now standard. You'll never have to worry about chopping paint again. Low operating pressure of 175 psi input. Rate of fire capabilities are limited only by the speed of your hopper.

Micro-honed straight porting barrel (Gunna Replace that with the Pipe)
DYE Matrix Rocket regulator
DYE Hyper2 inline regulator
Double ball detent
DYE Anti-chop eye system
Fully adjustable double trigger
Lightened main body
DYE Matrix bolt assembly
Custom machined breech knob
Multi-function LCD display with adjustable contrast, forward / back pulses,
temperature read out, ROF, trip shot counter and game timer

Are those things fine, or should I upgrade them?

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It's decent, you'll want to replace the board from the stock lcd board to a Tadao or Anderson board.

You need to add:
Bolt pieces
There are more than just the Tadao board, in fact you can even rig up a frenzy board for it.
More triggers

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Also you want to get a clamping feed for it most definatly!!!
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