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just for the record....i wrote this haha:

Maurice Gibb

Maurice Ernest Gibb is a legend,

And yet not only in singing,

He is yet a legend in paintball,

He left all of the players ringing,

His life was a gift and a quarrel,

Relationships took part,

With the band and the wife,

It ended before it could even start,

He was known for much more,

Some people know him for his smile,

Sworn and promised,

It could be seen from a mile,

Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

It all happened in 97,

Joy and delight filled the air,

Sworn that he had a voice like a gift from heaven,

Falling to the end,

At only 5 feet 8 inches tall,

He was sworn to be born again,

And to still have it all,

With the Honors of Queen Elizabeth II,

And known that he started out with nothing,

Look were it got him,

Now to get everything,

But at his death on the 12th of January,

The whole world went still,

Shocked and sad,

Of how he could have gotten ill,

Yet he lives in our hearts,

With eyes like beautiful amber,

We will always have that name,

To so great fully remember,

Here are our tributes to the legend,

Never forgetful to our heart,

We remember to live free and happy,

Till death do us part,

We thank him for these great years,

And for all the memories,

And now it is time,

To live our lives with ease ,

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Its good but i dont like how all of a sudden people are starting to post poems in here like its just something they thought off in a second or two when they really spent a long time on it....
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