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The smallest McDonald's restaurant measures only 492 square feet and is on the Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.

Ronald McDonald® speaks more than 25 different languages.

The sun never sets on The Golden Arches®.

Fascinating Facts About McDonald's

McDonald's opens a new restaurant every four hours.
The oldest structure to house a McDonald's restaurant is located in Shrewsbury, England. One of the restaurant's exterior walls dates back to the thirteenth century.
McDonald's first restaurant in China opened in 1990.
Every day, McDonald's serves more than 46 million people.
McDonald's has sold well over 100 billion hamburgers.
Ronald McDonald speaks more than 25 languages, including Cantonese, Portuguese, Hindi, Tagalog and Russian.

McDonald's largest market outside the U.S. is Japan, with more than 3,000
McDonald's restaurants.

Ronald McDonald is "Donald McDonald™" in Japan because it makes pronunciation easier for the Japanese. In Singapore he's known as "Uncle McDonald."

Antarctica is the only continent that does not have a McDonald's restaurant - yet.
The busiest international McDonald's restaurant is located on Pushkin Square in Moscow, which serves 40,000 people every day.

The largest McDonald's restaurant internationally measures more than 28,000 square feet and is located in Beijing, in the People's Republic of China.

Ten of the busiest McDonald's in the world are located in Hong Kong.
McDonald's is located in the world's tallest building, in the Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia.

McDonald's restaurants in India are our only restaurants in the world where you cannot buy beef. You can purchase an all-lamb version of the Big Mac called the "Maharaja Mac™."

The shoe size of Ronald McDonald is 14 1/2 -- or, as Ronald likes to say, "extra long, by extra wide, by extra red."
McDonald's international restaurants occasionally develop other items which appeal to local tastes, such as a grilled salmon sandwich with dill sauce in Norway, rice dishes in Japan, a Samurai pork burger in Thailand, frankfurters and beer in Germany, a McHuevo™ (a hamburger with a poached egg on top) in Uruguay, and McSpaghetti™ in the Philippines.

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LOL, actually some intereseting facts there. The Mchuevo sounds good, kinda like the royal burger at Red Robin.

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666paintballer said:
holy ****. A new McDonalds every 4 hours!?
Yeah, I find that extremely hard to believe. Of course, when you figure out how many it is per year it is only 2184, so that does seem possible.


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